P1 Black Orc Down now out! A mini Adventure for characters level 1-3 set in Phaemorea

Image of Black Orc Down coverIt’s taken a while, but we finally have the first adventure for Phaemorea; Black Orc Down. A Classic D&D Adventure for levels 1-3. Requires Rules Cyclopedia (1991 Ed.) or Dungeons and Dragons Basic and Master sets to play as is.

Nobody else wanted to take on a job of helping out an orc, but if their gold is good then who cares … right? Black Orc Down puts the party on the trail of a missing orc chieftain. Can they rescue him from the dark mysteries of the Undercity beneath Forecastle? Can they uncover the vile plot which threatens to disrupt the power structure of The Shades? If they fail, will the death of one orc really matter that much?

Black Orc Down is an Adventure written for the Phaemorea World setting, but it can be adapted to be compatible with any D&D setting. It also gives an overview of Forecastle, the pirate capital of the Garter States. The adventure is a short one, suitable for a single session or two, but could easily be expanded into a much larger story.

Provided as a 13 page bookmarked PDF and designed to look and play like the old Classic D&D modules. The cover is full colour, the rest of the book is black & white to facilitate economical printing. Comes with optional pre-generated characters in the finest tradition of Old School D&D.


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