Not Dead Yet! Progress on the Phaemorea World

Phaemorea is a labor of love done between other projects, and right now there are a lot of projects on the go! Putting together the next draft on my own system, writing for the new release of TORG, and working on new novels, time left for Phaemorea has been limited. But, it’s not forgotten.

Just released are two general use encounters which should form the start of a series. I am often appalled at how often one particular monster stat is ignored in gaming; Intelligence. The Lethal Lairs series makes use of that stat by providing deadly and creative lairs for creatures to elevate them from roll-playing into role-playing encounters.

Available on you can now find:

LL01 Lethal Lairs – White Dragon

LL02 Lethal Lairs – Red Dragon

Beware, these encounters are not for the kind of party that doesn’t look before they leap!