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Phaemorea has had a face-lift, with a new publication for the Guide to Phaemorea, and all optional rules now compiled in the Phaemorea Rules Supplement. Better yet, these publications are now available exclusively at and associate sites. You can find all publications on our Publisher page at Pointy Pony Publications.

All books now include artwork, and are presented in quality bookmarked PDF format. We’ve even included print friendly versions so you can print off an easy to read copy for your convenience.

cover for Guide to PhaemoreaGuide to Phaemorea includes the overview of cultures, geography, history and the Immortals. There is also a nice new hex-map included so you can start setting adventures and planning overland travel. We are excited to be able to bring the world of Phaemorea to a wider audience.



PB_coverPhaemorea Rules Supplement includes all currently published optional rule changes, including new rules for General Skills, Healing and Energy Drain. Also included are the comprehensive rules for Adventurer Guilds and an in depth look at the role played by the Thieves’ Guild. The Ranger Fighter variant is joined by the Jinx Thief variant and two different looks for the Mystic. There is also a wealth of other new information to help make Phaemorea feel like a new world.

All books are available as Pay What you Want titles, so you can still pick them up for free. However, please consider giving a little, every little bit helps to improve the quality of future publications and lets us know players appreciate our work.

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