About the Authors A little about the principle contributors to this site.

Kieran Brannan

I first started tabletop Roleplay around 1986 with my first D&D Red Box Basic set. D&D saved my life, or at least gave me a quality of life I would never have had in its absence. Without boring you with tales of woe, I’ll simply say that D&D opened doorways to new experiences which allowed a young me to make friends and find stability and sanity in a chaotic world.

From my humble beginnings with the Red Box, I have expanded my horizons to play countless other RPGS, from Traveller to World of Darkness. The role of Dungeon Master or Games Master has usually fallen to me, not just because no one else would do it, but because I love to craft new worlds and characters. As a player you only get to play one character at a time, but as GM you get to play as many as you want. I’ve designed a system or three and at least six highly detailed campaign worlds for various games, but Phaemorea is my first attempt to get any of it published.

I have a diverse range of interests, including Tabletop Wargaming (including painting and terrain making), boardgames, computer games and … well, okay, maybe my interests are mostly gaming related :). I’m also an aspiring writer, which is writer talk for ‘starving writer’. Many of my works haven’t made it to publication yet, but based on feedback it’s worth it to keep trying.

For me Phaemorea is a labour of love. Just because no one is flogging a system for every dollar they can get from it, doesn’t mean the system isn’t worth playing. Classic Dungeons & Dragons might be out of publication, but it’s still an awesome system with an amazing community behind it. Phaemorea is simply my contribution to a game that I love.

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Ryllandra Rose

Unfortunately I came to tabletop roleplay only recently, though my experience with roleplay of some sort could be traced back to my school days where I was a regular performer in school plays. As an avid reader I love the immersion of taking on a new persona and playing a role. Perhaps it was World of Warcraft that first gave me the ability to create my own characters to play. From there my interest in roleplay as a game has grown. The transition into tabletop offers so much more than the pale roleplay simulacrum that is the MMORPG, allowing much greater depth and diversity.

Dungeons & Dragons was my first introduction to tabletop roleplay. I love immersion into new worlds, especially those that challenge the way people think about things. I read a lot of murder and mayhem, so you’ll see my personal flourishes on adventures that delve into the darker side of the human psyche.

Other than my fiction writing, Phaemorea is my first attempt to help create a new world. I intend to offer a lot of stories and lore to help flesh out the world and give it more depth. I like to think of roleplaying as a valuable platform for experiencing and learning new ways of thinking, and encountering new situations not readily available in normal everyday life. While I enjoy good fantasy, I like fantasy that at the same time feels like it could be real.

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